Djungel & Jazz

Djungel & Jazz began at the end of a long journey. Florida to LA in a Chevy Caprice on a pilgrimage to understand the notion of true American music. Every stop along the way had a story to tell, but it wasn’t until we bumped into Mr. Peterman we understood the importance of vibe. His house in the hills had three notes of vibe — jazz, jungle, and everything in between. The vibe is you between these notes he used to say.

A jungle can be anywhere, a place in the distance, or a hidden snug in your home. Our jungle is a mood estate of greens and sounds with a jazzy vibe - a carefully selected collection of records, plants, and everything in between called life. Djungel & Jazz began at the end of a long journey. A curated mood bonanza at Hökens Gata 10.

The store

Determined to offer the best retail experience, we opened our vinyl record store in January 2022, after some time searching for the perfect venue. We had decided early on that we wanted to open up near Mosebacke, in our opinion Stockholm's best neighborhood for record stores. We are still here today, in good company with stores such as Snickars Records and Record Mania, to name a few industry colleagues.

The store's first year was spent on completely renovating the premises and subsequently opening up most of the store to our customers. Our early regulars have been part of the journey and seen how we slowly grew into the record store we are today. The idea of ​​offering the best shopping experience permeates everything we do and everything we want to achieve. In addition to being selective with which vinyl records and plants we display for sale, we also want to offer that little extra that we feel is missing in other stores. Djungel & Jazz's journey has just begun, our physical store has made an impression and we are now taking the next step on our journey, we are launching a new webshop and with the help of modern technology we want to create a completely unique store experience for all vinyl lovers.

Those responsible in

The Team

Is one of the founders of Djungel & Jazz. Today, Andreas runs the store operationally and is responsible for the store's curated selection of goods. Andreas is the person you most often meet in the store, if you have questions about the music, the records or wishes about what we should bring in, Andreas is the right person to talk to.

Is one of the founders of Djungel & Jazz. In addition to acting as a carpenter in the renovation, John takes care of the administration such as finance and e-commerce. Sometimes you also meet John as a temporary substitute in the store.

Our Jazz Master. Nils is responsible for Djungel & Jazz's range of Second Hand records, both online and in the record store in Stockholm. In addition to the fact that Nils listens through, washes and grades all of the store's second-hand records, he is the one with the most in-depth knowledge of music.

The others in

The team

Djungel & Jazz's own Art Director. Henke has been involved since the beginning and helps with our profile, copy and the graphics.

The Mother
Without mother Marie, we would not be where we are today. Mama Marie helps take care of our plants, works for a wage in coffee and good company. She usually looks after the store on the days we are out hunting record collections.

The Dad
Papa Goran has been helpful in everything from renovation to warehouse management. You sometimes run into Papa Göran in the store when he is there to help with various allo chores.

A large contribution comes from Johanna, who helps with everything from renovation and interior design to events. sometimes you also meet her as a visitor to the store.

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