Frequently asked questions about vinyl records

A vinyl record is an analog audio storage device used to play music. It consists of a flat disc usually made of PVC plastic and has grooves where the audio information is recorded.

Vinyl records offer several advantages in terms of sound quality and the overall music experience:

  • Warm and authentic sound - Vinyls provides a warm, rich and authentic sound reproduction that many people love. It has a special character and can highlight the nuances of the music
  • Analog Recordings - Many vinyl records are based on analog recordings, meaning that the music was transferred from analog tapes to vinyl without losing detail in the sound
  • Cover art - Vinyl records often have larger and more artistic covers than digital music formats. This makes them part of the visual experience
  • Collector's value - Vinyl records can be collectors' items and sometimes increase in value over time, especially if they are rare or in good condition

Yes, in order to be able listen to vinyl records you need a record player and a sound system with speakers. It is important to have a high quality turntable and a needle that is in good condition to get the best sound from vinyl.

The crackle and noise heard when a vinyl record is played is part of its charm. It is due to small irregularities on the surface of the record and can also be the result of dust or dirt. Some consider these sounds to provide a nostalgic feeling and an authentic experience.

To maintain the sound quality of your vinyl records, you should:

  • Store them upright in their covers
  • Keep the records clean by using a soft or antistatic brush
  • Avoid touching the disc itself with your fingers
  • Store them in a cool and dry environment to avoid mold and deformation

Yes, it is possible to connect vinyl record players to modern stereo systems using a turntable that has a built-in RIIA stage or by using an external amplifier and phono preamp. Some modern turntables also offer blue tooth connections.

Yes, many modern artists and labels continue to release new albums on vinyl. It's a trend that has grown in popularity in recent years, making it possible to enjoy new music on the classic format. In 2021, vinyl records surpassed all other music media sales in the United States and has since been the largest medium for sales of new music

Vinyl records come in two main rotation speeds: 33 1/3 rpm and 45 rpm. 33 1/3 is most often used for regular albums while 45 rpm is used for singles and some audiophila releases. 45 rpm records have higher sound quality and more detailed reproduction, but they hold less music on each side

Yes, the needle on your turntable can normally be replaced by yourself. It is a part that is subject to wear and tear and needs to be replaced after a certain number of records have been played. Follow the manufacturer's instructions or consult an expert if you are not sure how to do it

Mono and stereo releases refer to the audio tracks on the record. Mono records have a single audio channel and play the sound from one speaker, while stereo records have two audio channels and provide a more spatial sound experience through two speakers. Some collectors prefer mono recordings for older music, while others prefer stereo sound for its richness

Yes, there are different types of vinyl records with different thicknesses and quality.

A 180-gram vinyl is thicker and heavier than standard vinyl, which can improve sound quality and reduce the risk of deformation. There are also audiophile editions with high quality and special pressings to maximize the sound experience

In our record store on Södermalm, Djungel & Jazz has a large selection of rare and used vinyl records. The store is located in the middle of Stockholm's densest record store area, by Mosebacke.

In addition to brick-and-mortar record stores, used LPs can be found at flea markets, record fairs, online auctions, and specialized collectors' sites, such as

It is also possible to exchange or trade with other collectors to obtain the desired records.

Regardless of where you choose to buy your records, you should always be careful to check its condition. Djungel & Jazz goes through all records before they are put up for sale, we place great emphasis on grading correctly. If you want to know how we grade our records, you can find more information about it here

Yes, it is possible to play older vinyl records on modern turntables. Most turntables offer adjustable needle pressures and speeds to accommodate different types of records, including older vinyl with varying wear.

Store your vinyl records upright in their protective sleeves in an upright position. Do not place them in direct sunlight or in places with extreme temperature changes, as this may damage the records. To avoid deformation, avoid stacking heavy objects on top of them.

There are specialized equipment and cleaning solutions that can help you clean and maintain your vinyl records.

Djungel & Jazz also offers deep cleaning with both ultrasonic washing and classic record washing. We wash almost all the records we sell in ultrasound to clean in depth and maximize the sound quality. Come in with your discs to our shop, the price is SEK 20 each or six for SEK 100.

A test pressing is an early sample of a vinyl record made to check the sound quality and the quality of the print. These are usually very limited and are used to approve the disc's production before the full edition is pressed

Vinyl records come in different sizes. 7-inch discs are usually singles with one or two songs. 10-inch discs are less common and are used for short albums or EPs. 12-inch discs are the most common and are used for standard albums and LPs.

Some vinyl records are manufactured with different color pigments or patterns to make them more visually interesting. These are often referred to as "colored vinyl records" or "picture discs" and are popular with collectors and fans of unique releases

An original pressing is a record that was produced when the album was first released, while a reissue is a later production. Original pressings may be more valuable to collectors, but new releases may be remastered for better sound quality and use modern materials to reduce noise

Yes, there are turntables designed specifically for DJs. These turntables have features like direct drive, adjustable speed and other tools useful for DJ mixing and record playing.

Yes, it is possible to convert vinyl records to digital files using a record player with USB output or a separate record player for the computer. This allows you to preserve your vinyl recordings and listen to them digitally

A slipmat is a thin mat that is placed between the record player's platter and the vinyl record. It helps to reduce the friction between the disc and the platter.

Yes, there are many vinyl records that are rare and sought after by collectors. Examples include "The Beatles - White Album" with serial number 0000010 and "Pink Floyd - The Piper at the Gates of Dawn" with the rare UK stereo release. The value of such discs can be significant. Djungel & Jazz have gathered all its rare records in one collection.

A limited edition vinyl record is a special edition of a record that has a limited edition. These releases may include unique colors, bonus tracks, or exclusive cover artwork. They are often sought after by collectors and music enthusiasts.

Before buying a used vinyl record at a record store, be sure to inspect it carefully. Look for scratches, dirt or other damage on the surface of the disc and the cover and test play it if given the opportunity. It is also good to ask the seller about the condition of the record and whether it has been thoroughly cleaned.

Djungel & Jazz cleans all discs before sale, washes the media deeply with ultrasound and listens to the deviations we see in the visual grading. We have a conservative approach to our grading and we offer a Grading Guarantee in the unlikely event of a miss.

Most modern headphones have a 3.5mm or 6.3mm cable and cannot be directly connected to a turntable that has a phono output. You need an adapter or an amplifier that can convert the phono signal into something the headphones can use.

Mono and stereo needles are designed to play discs with corresponding audio tracks. Mono needles are designed to follow the groove in the center of the disc and reproduce the sound from a single channel. Stereo needles have two separate needles to follow the two audio channels on stereo record.

Yes, many people use vinyl record covers as decoration by hanging them on the wall as artwork. This can be a creative and unique way to showcase your love of music while decorating your home.

Some famous albums often highlighted for their exceptional sound quality on vinyl include Pink Floyd - The Dark Side of the Moon, Fleetwood Mac - Rumors and Led Zeppelin - IV Zeppelin - IV". These albums are known to be good examples of vinyl's sound potential.

The most common formats for singles are 7-inch vinyl records, while albums and LPs are mostly available in 12-inch format. There are also 10-inch vinyl records used for EPs and shorter albums.

The needle of the record player is an important factor in the sound quality. A high-quality needle and correctly adjusted needle pressure can reduce wear on the record and provide a better sound reproduction. A bad needle can cause noise and damage the record.

Yes, there are many vinyl records with artistic and memorable covers. Examples include The Velvet Underground & Nico with Andy Warhol's iconic banana, and The Clash - London Calling with its simple but powerful design.

It is possible to buy used vinyl records online, but you should pay attention to the seller's description of the record's condition. Also, use trusted platforms or stores with a good reputation to increase your chances of getting a record in good condition.

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An LP box is a collector's edition containing several vinyl records of the same artist or theme in a stylish and often luxurious packaging. These boxes may contain bonus material, rarities and extended album concepts. They are popular among collectors and fans of a particular artist or genre.

Yes, some modern turntables have built-in Bluetooth or USB connectivity, making it possible to connect them to wireless speakers or computers. This gives you flexibility in how you listen to your vinyl records

Static electricity can be a problem when handling vinyl records, as it can attract dust and dirt. To minimize static electricity, you can use an anti-static brush to clean your discs before playing.

33 1/3 rpm records are usually larger and have longer playing time per side than 45 rpm records. This can add more depth and detail to the sound of 33 1/3 rpm records. However, 45 rpm discs usually have a higher rotation speed, which can reduce noise and provide a cleaner sound reproduction.

Yes, it is possible to use a magnetic pickup needle (MM or MC needle) on some turntables. This can improve sound quality compared to a ceramic needle. However, it is important to make sure that the turntable is compatible with the type of needle you want to use.

78 rpm records are older and rotate much faster than 33/45 rpm records. They were used for older recordings and require a special record player with 78 rpm capability. The sound quality of 78 rpm discs is often coarser compared to modern discs.

Vinyl records are available in a variety of music genres, but the most popular include rock, pop, jazz, blues, and electronic music. However, there are also vinyl records for classical music, hip-hop, country and many other genres.

Yes, it is often best to get the help of an experienced technician to calibrate and maintain your turntable. This may include adjustments to needle pressure, speed and other settings to ensure optimal sound quality and the long-term durability of the turntable.

Djungel & Jazz also sell needle pressure scales, which enable you to set the needle pressure very precisely at home. This often gives a clear improvement in quality during playback