John Coltrane - En Jazzlegend som förändrade musikhistorien

John Coltrane - A Jazz Legend who Changed Music History

John Coltrane left us on July 17, 1967, but his musical legacy lives on. His influence spans genres and generations and continues to shape the way we perceive and experience jazz music. At Djungel...
Årets Second Hand-klapp - En cirkulär julklapp i dubbel bemärkelse

This year's Second Hand gift - A circular Christmas gift in a double sense

A timeless vinyl record is not just a gift, it's a journey through music history. At Djungel & Jazz you will find both new and second-hand records that carry stories and emotions, a perfect way...
Skivnålens betydelse för vinylskivors ljudkvalitet och livslängd

The Importance of the Record Needle for the Sound Quality and Lifespan of Vinyl Records

Investing in a quality needle and regularly maintaining it and your records will give you a better sound experience and extend the life of your vinyl collection. The stylus is simply indispens...
The Beatles

The Beatles - 19 facts about The Beatles and its members you didn't know

John Lennon had a loose denture that he sometimes used to laugh and make odd noises during recordings.
John Coltrane Impulse!

Impulse! Records' rich legacy in jazz music

Impulse! Records left a big mark in the jazz world and continues to be a source of inspiration for both musicians and other record labels. For those who collect vinyl records and have an understand...
Skivnål som ligger på en vinylskiva i närbild

The Superior Sound Quality of Vinyl Records: A Time Travel to the Golden Age of Music

In a digital age, where music is often consumed through compressed MP3 files and streaming services, the return of the vinyl record has baffled and enchanted music enthusiasts the world over. The...
Jazzmusikern Archie Shepp som spelar saxofon

Archie Shepp - A revolutionary in Avant-Garde Jazz

Archie Shepp has had a significant impact on future generations of jazz musicians. His bold and experimental style has inspired many to explore new musical avenues and create their own unique voic...
En man står och blickar ut över Addis Ababa

Ethiopian Jazz - A cultural treasure with outstanding rhythms

Ethiopian jazz is a musical treasure that combines Ethiopia's rich cultural heritage with the universally appealing rhythm of jazz. It is a genre that has survived the tests of time and continues t...
Två Italienska män som sitter på sina Italienska scootrar och röker

Italian Jazz - A harmonious combination of culture and rhythm

Italian Jazz is a fascinating musical journey that integrates the rich Italian culture with the rhythmic essence of American jazz.