Like Spotify, but on vinyl

Get one or more curated LPs, based on your taste, delivered to your home every month

How does it work?

  1. Choose the subscription you want
  2. Choose the number of records you want each month
  3. Based on your choices, we curate one or more records that are sent to your home at the end of each month
  4. You can log in at any time and change the type of subscription, number of records or pause your subscription for a month

What is included?

  • One or more curated new full-length LPs delivered to your door every month
  • You decide - Change subscription type, number of records or pause one month's delivery. You can also change the record to avoid duplicates
  • Free shipping on all subscriptions and other records from our e-commerce that you wish to be sent in the same package
  • 5% permanent discount on all records online and in our record store in Stockholm

Do you already have the records, or is it not to your taste? - Don't worry, we'll help you!

  • You will receive information about upcoming records in the subscription. Within 10 days before delivery, you can exchange a disc you already have, change subscription type or pause next month's delivery.
  • If you received a vinyl record, played it once and realized it wasn't to your taste, you can exchange it. Just come in with it to our record store in Södermalm, and you'll get the corresponding store credits to use on records of your choice.
  • You can choose to end your subscription at any time, with one month's notice.

Blue Note

Tone Poet Vinyl Series

Blue Note

Classic Vinyl Series

Djungel & Jazz

New Contemporary Jazz