The Beatles

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The Beatles - 19 facts about The Beatles and its members you didn't know

Ringo Starr's real name is Richard Starkey, Paul McCartney was an avid animal lover, John Lennon had a loose denture and Eric Clapton fell in love with George Harrison's wife. Many anecdotes exist about The Beatles and its members

Ringo Starr's name: Ringo Starr's real name is Richard Starkey. He adopted the nickname "Ringo" because of his love of wearing rings.

Paul McCartney's interest in animals: Paul McCartney had a farm in Scotland and was an avid animal lover. Among other things, he owned a sheepdog named Martha and a cat named Jesus.

George Harrison's Mysterious License Plate: George Harrison had a Rolls-Royce with a unique number plate that read "777." This led to a wave of Beatles fans linking it to terrifying conspiracy theories.

John Lennon's dentures: John Lennon had a loose denture that he sometimes used to laugh and make odd noises during recordings.

The Beatles and Bob Dylan: Bob Dylan is said to have introduced The Beatles to marijuana during a New York hotel room meeting. It is said to be the beginning of their exploration of drugs and associated musical direction.

George Harrison's Sitar Experiments: George Harrison introduced the Indian sitar into The Beatles' music, particularly in the song Norwegian Wood. This opened the door for a wave of Indian musical influence in the West.

John Lennon and Yoko Ono's bed protest: John and Yoko conducted a "Bed-In for Peace" where they spent an entire week in bed in a hotel room as a protest against the war in Vietnam.

Ringo Starr's solo career: Ringo Starr was the first of the Beatles to release a solo single, It Don't Come Easy, and he played all the instruments himself on the recording.

George Martin the fifth member of the Beatles: Producer George Martin, known as the fifth member of the Beatles, was initially skeptical of the band's potential. However, he was convinced and played a crucial role in shaping their sound and career.

Paul McCartney's source of inspiration for the song Blackbird : Paul McCartney composed Blackbird after hearing a finch in the garden while visiting creator Maharishi Mahesh Yogi's Ashram in India. The sound of the bird inspired the song.

Lennon and McCartney's first meeting: John Lennon and Paul McCartney met for the first time at a church festival in Woolton, Liverpool. McCartney impressed Lennon by being able to play Twenty Flight Rock by Eddie Cochran on the guitar.

The Beatles as record store owners: The Beatles started their own record store in London called Apple Boutique. The store offered art, clothing and music, but it quickly became a financial fiasco and closed.

Beatles songs about love of vehicles: George Harrison wrote Drive My Car and Paul McCartney created Back in the USSR as tributes to cars and airplanes.

John Lennon's toilet painting: John Lennon painted part of his house in Weybridge with psychedelic designs, including the toilet. He claimed he was inspired during a trip on LSD.

Paul McCartney's favorite food: Paul McCartney is a vegetarian and has been since 1975. He is known for promoting a healthy lifestyle and animal rights.

George Harrison's inspiration from Eric Clapton: George Harrison and Eric Clapton were close friends. Clapton fell in love with Harrison's wife, Pattie Boyd, which led Harrison to write the iconic song Something.

John Lennon's last public appearance: John Lennon made his last public appearance on stage in 1974 when he guest-starred with Elton John at Madison Square Garden.

Paul McCartney's unusual favorite song: Paul McCartney's favorite song by The Beatles is Helter Skelter, a powerful rock song that contrasts with his more melodic compositions.

George Harrison's fascination with space: George Harrison was very interested in space and donated money to the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics to help build a telescope facility.