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A curated mood bonanza

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About us

Djungel &Jazz began at the end of long journey. Florida to LA in a Chevy Caprice on a pilgrimage to understand the notion of true American music. Every stop along the way has a story to tell but it wasn’t until we bumped into Mr. Peterman we understood the importance of vibe. Sure shady jazz joints do have its fair amount of vibes but Mr. Peterman had his own take on vibes. 

His house in the hills had three notes of vibe. Jazz, jungle and everything in between. The vibe is you between these notes. He used to say. Our conversation of jazz and jungles have been ongoing for a decade or two. 

A jungle can be anywhere, a place in a distance or a hidden snug in your home or like that sensation you feel that you can’t articulate. Our jungle is a mood estate of greens and sounds with a jazzy vibe. A carefully selected collection of records, plants and everything in between called life. 

In honor of Mr. Peterman we created Djungel &Jazz - A Curated Mood Bonanza at Hökens gata 10.