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Our suppliers are as curated as our inventory. We only work with the best growers in Europe, South America and Asia in order to ensure the quality of our plants.

Plants however aren't that fond of traveling. Imagine yourself, being put in a dark room for couple of days, just to wake up in a strange new home, without any idea how you got there. And on top of that, your new parents might not know how you like your afternoon tea.

However, we make sure that our plants travels in business class. And we do our outmost to make sure they arrive as healthy as when they were sent.

We gently wrap our babies one by one, lay them down in a fluffy bed made of isolation and soft paper, give them a blanket over the pot and of course, a warm 72 hour radiator if its cold outside.

Once it arrives at the destination, we simply just want you to collect the package within 48 hours. If your new baby isnt healthy on arrival, please let us know and we'll make sure to make up for it.

Shipping & delivery

Orders are shipped the next business day.

Free deliveries for all orders above 750 SEK within Sweden and 1500 SEK within Europe.